About us

Welcome to Raku Decor, a place where we add comfort and ease to your lives - one product at a time! We passionately help elevate your space while keeping it personalized and reflective of your personality and lifestyle choices.

With the motive of bringing comfort and relaxation to people’s lives around us – we were inspired to bring to life “Raku Decor”. ‘Raku (らく)’ is part of the Japanese language used to describe comfort and ease. Developing on this concept, at Raku Decor we curate timeless and eclectic pieces which brings a breath of fresh air into any space! Our homes are the space where we spend most of our time unwinding after a long day of work or for just leisure. To us, it’s essential that our home reflects our personalities and habits to complement our lifestyle with all the minute detailing.

Raku Decor reflects the art of living through its curated collection of home decor items. Our store features lighting, smart gadgets and quirky decoratives. Some modern, some vintage; selected from around the world as well as from our own community!

With a versatile range of products to choose from and striking the balance between functionality and aesthetics, we present to you “RAKU DECOR”. Let us help you make your house, your own sanctuary.

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